Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Are You a Monday or Tuesday Person?

In his Program "Six Days to Saturday" Sam Crowley teaches people how to become a Saturday person and live like on Saturday every day. Every day Saturday? Yes, every day a lifestyle of a happy and free person who doesn't have to worry that Monday is coming soon again and the long wait until the next Friday will begin.

Before you can learn from Sam Crowley how to become a Saturday person and how to stay Saturday person every day, you must know what kind of person you are. Are you a Monday person? Or maybe you are a Tuesday person? Or a Wednesday person? You must discover it yourself what kind of person you are. You can read here about the Monday people.

I will write here a little about a Tuesday people.

Tuesday people recognize that they aren't happy or satisfied, but at the same time they tolerate it. Unlike like Monday people they don't pretend or think that everything is fine, and that they are happy and satisfied. No, they know they aren't, but the problem is that they usually just tolerate it, without doing anything to change it.

If you are a Tuesday person you can do something about it: visit Every Day Is Saturday, to learn how to get to Saturday.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Smoking Cessation

It's hard to find a smoking cessation program that's truly effective. Most remedies on the market do little more than slightly reduce your cravings for a short time. That's definitely not enough to make you quit! Still, you know you need to quit; after only a year of quitting, your risk of smoking-related heart disease is cut in half, and after five to 15 years, your risk of stroke returns to a normal level!

At Nicocure, we offer an innovative, all-natural solution that will help you quit for good. Our natural Nicocure patches are the safest and most effective products on the market, enjoying a 97 percent success rate! Compare that to the 20 percent success rate of most smoking cessation programs, and you can see why more people are turning to safe and effective Nicocure. These patches allow you to quit without experiencing the common symptoms of withdrawal like irritability, tension, insomnia, and weight gain.

When you use most quit smoking programs, you are still introducing nicotine into your system. This does not give you the chance to ever rid your body of the substance you are addicted to, so your cravings never truly subside. No wonder so many people start smoking again after a few weeks or months! Our patches use a combination of natural formulas that eliminate your need for cigarettes and other tobacco products altogether.

When you use Nicocure patches, you will still experience the "calmness" that you associate with smoking, because these patches mimic the effect that nicotine has on your brain and your body. However, you will not be introducing anything harmful into your system, and after 30 days or less you will find that your cigarette cravings have simply disappeared. With Nicocure, you can make a difference in your health, starting today!

For more information visit: Quit Smoking

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What Would It Be Like to Sleep Like A Baby At Night And Wake Up with Bursting Energy Every Morning?

There’s actually a method to optimize your body’s inner sleep system to sleep better, and have more energy in your life than when you slept 10, or even 13 hours. Sleep expert Kacper Postawski spills the beans in his fascinating new ebook “Sleep Wiz.” While most people think sleep is just “sleep,” it is actually a complex and fascinating system which you can OPTIMIZE your sleep system, and create an abundance of energy in your life.

In this fascinating new ebook, Kacper shares with you:

* The four most important elements which your inner sleep clock relies on to determine when to sleep, how long you sleep, and how energizing your sleep is. Discovering these principles will allow you to gain a firm understanding of how to gain control over your sleep and daily energy level.

* How to optimize your Inner Sleep Clock so that it's possible for you to sleep better, and increase the quality, and power of your sleep (If you don't do this, you will do more damage to your body.)

* What really happens to your body while you sleep? While most people think sleep is just "sleep", your body is busier when you're sleeping than when you're awake. The inner sleep system is a complex mechanism which is affected by many things you do on a daily basis. (Most of them you're not aware of). This is a key understanding to optimizing your sleep.

Sleep Wiz